UK Plug Adapters

UK Plug Adapters with an earthed socket system will allow you to use electrical equipment in countries having the British plug system,it’s ideal for traveling and use on holiday with an ultra lightweight structure that can fit for most bags and luggage due to easy portability. Plug in adaptor that allows equipment fitted with a European Schuko plug to be used in a UK mains outlet. Just connect them together.


UK Plug Adapters has a 13A fuse for a maximum of 3250W. Adapters with protective-earth contacts, made from high quality ABS materials and PVC as outer mold material, is perfect for charging all your electronic devices, from cameras and phones to laptops and tablets. CE/BSI and ROHS/REACH/PAHS certified. We can offer any color of UK Plug Adapters and our price is competitive with our high quality products.

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High quality UK Plug Adapters manufacturers and suppliers. Bohao's product quality system strictly follows the ISO9001 standard, and our export products are VDE, NF, KEMA, FI, SAA, BSI and CE certified. Our UK Plug Adapters is in stock and we look forward to your wholesale and customization from our factory!