Industry Information

  • Before the end of the thread is disconnected, it should be gently pressed with wire pliers, and then wound to the mouth, and then swing around, the end of the thread will be very attached to the joint is disconnected.


  • During transportation, cable products need to go through certain transportation and storage process from the factory to the delivery of users. Therefore, the following problems should be noted:


  • Cable Reel is widely used in iron and steel refining, electronics, petrochemical, mining, power, railways, construction sites, mining plants, etc., is the basic construction necessities.


  • 1, the scope of application: ac rated voltage 450/750V and below the power, lighting, electrical equipment, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment connection and internal installation line.


  • Power Strip Is the extension of power socket tool, can make a single socket to supply more than one electrical power supply.


  • I believe everyone should be clear about the cable! It's a wire that carries electricity. Cable material is key, and you can see at ordinary times the cable is usually at the time of power generation, the need to use electricity, but the material of the cable are good, and now the cable already reach home, so the home is using the cable, cable is generally divided into waterproof cable and cable, So you must want to understand the difference between the two kinds of cable, next xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction!