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Common Sense of Safety in Use of Mobile Cable Disk

The use of mobile cable trays is similar to the power sockets we contact daily. They are all mobile power supplies for the convenience of daily production and life. So the safe power consumption of mobile cable trays is similar to the power consumption of the plug-in rows in our lives. Whether it is the matters needing attention in the working environment or the protective measures used in the insertion and arrangement, they have something in common. What common knowledge should we know about the safe use of electricity?

First of all, the mobile cable disc can not be overloaded in use. In order to ensure that there is no overload operation in the circuit, in order to ensure safety, each product is equipped with overheating overload and leakage protector, which will trip automatically after overload.

Mobile cable

Secondly, high-power electrical appliances are often equipped with three-core sockets, in order to achieve safe grounding in the process of electrification; and in the mobile cable disc, all panels are equipped with three-hole grounding sockets.

1. In daily life, when using mobile cable tray, copper wire and iron wire can not replace fuse, nor enameled wire can replace electric heating wire and other substitutes.

2. When people turn off the power, they also need to turn off the power switch to avoid accidents when they call. When used in industrial occasions, in case of power failure, electrical workers should be contacted to check for no problems or repair before they can continue to use.

3. Do not put the mobile cable tray in the humid and flammable environment. Although the industrial cable tray has waterproof function, it will affect its normal work if it is in the humid environment for a long time. Secondly, there are flammable substances in the working environment, which will cause fire hazard when the current is overloaded or the power source is lighted.