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Main points of safe shipping of cable reel for cargo marine safety series

Cable reels in ocean transportation, referred to as cable reels, are usually large reels with a diameter of more than 1 meter and some even more than 5 meters. It is one of the common types of goods in the transportation of groceries.

The structure of the cable reel is mainly steel-wood structure and all-wood structure. The characteristics of the cable reel goods:

1. The value of the goods is high, and the value of a single piece is up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
2. The outer packaging edge is relatively thin, making it difficult to transport, load and unload and stow.
3. There is a gap between the internal and external packaging of the goods, which is very easy to damage during the stowage and lifting process.

The cable reel is very easy to roll during transportation. The conductors in the reel are afraid of pressure. If pressure is applied, the power transmission and transformation effect will be affected. Waterproof laying.

Cable laying is an indispensable part of all engineering projects. The cable reel itself is expensive, and damage and delayed delivery will cause huge claims for project delays and contract fulfillment.

Shipment of cable reels is the most important link in the entire logistics process. According to the weight, size, packaging conditions, etc. of the goods, the lifting, stowage and lashing schemes are scientifically designed and strictly implemented during the loading process to ensure the safety of the goods.