Industry Information

What are the three core wires of the power cord?

L pole: It is connected to the live wire.
Commonly used core wire color: black or brown (some companies call brown, brown), the US regulations and Japanese rules commonly use these two colors, European regulations use brown (brown, brown)

N pole: connect to zero line.
Common core wire colors: white, red, light blue. These three colors are commonly used in US regulations and Japanese regulations, while European regulations use light blue

E pole: ground wire.
Commonly used core color: green or green to yellow (some companies call yellow to green or green to yellow, yellow to green), the US regulations, Japanese regulations and European regulations are commonly used in these two colors, many companies use green to yellow.

When we buy power cords and cables, we can often see the letters on the power cords and cables printed with RVVP, RVV and other English letters. Many people are confused about their meanings. In fact, they separately list the models and uses of each power cord and cable. Below we (Aoliqiang Power Cord) explain to you the use of several commonly used wire and cable representation methods.