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Precautions for socket use:


Precautions for socket use:  


1, avoid wet hand plug, hand water to plug plug, because water is a conductor, will lead to electric shock accident.  


2, it is forbidden to hold the power cord plug, some consumers in the plug, to prevent electric shock is very careful, when unplugging the power cord does not hold the plug, but uses the method of pulling the power cord directly, pull the power cord, the number of times, will put the power cord and plug connected parts pull off, causing electrical appliances can not be normal power supply.  The part of pulling off is prone to short circuit, leakage, fire and electric shock accidents.  


3, found abnormal socket plug timely replacement, when it is found that the socket temperature is too high or arc pulling, ignition, plug and socket contact is poor, plug is too loose or too tight, should stop using and replace in time.  


4, avoid the old socket extended service, the socket also has its own service life, when the plug is inserted into the socket often loose, poor contact phenomenon, indicating that the internal reed elasticity is not enough, the socket has reached the age of scrap.  In addition, the socket extended service, the internal plug copper aging, poor insulation of the shell, the use of the shell may occur at any time live and contact bad phenomenon, to the user's personal safety and electrical safety to bring harm.  


5, the socket has a main index, rated current.  The rated current of electrical appliances inserted into the socket should not be greater than the rated current of the socket, that is, the pony can not be used to pull the cart, otherwise the socket will heat up, affect the service life, damage electrical appliances and even cause fire.  Special attention should be paid not to use high-power household appliances such as air conditioners and microwave ovens in sockets with low rated current value.