Industry Information

Socket selection skills:


1, Check the appearance  


Panel should be uniform color, smooth surface, no sag, color, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratch, shrinkage and other defects.  Metal parts without burr, crack, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage and other adverse situations.  


2, Weigh  


When buying switch socket, still should weigh weight.  If the merchant chooses thin copper sheet, it will feel lighter.  And good switch socket selection of copper and wiring terminals will usually be thicker, the weight is relatively heavy.  Copper is the key part of switch socket, but also the key part of identifying fake inferior products.  


3, Distinguish the place  


Different locations should have different types of switches and sockets.  The regular meeting inside kitchen and toilet has water and lampblack, had better install to prevent splash water box or plastic baffle on socket face plate, can prevent the short circuit that causes because of smeary, lunt to invade effectively so.  The family that has a child, to prevent children to touch with finger or poke socket hole with metal content, the parent had better choose the safe socket that takes insurance block piece.