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The installation method of the cable reels

Transverse cable reels installation:
1. Cable reels can lead out in 1 or 2 directions.

2. Drag the cable on a continuous plane or prop the cable off the ground with a support with an interval of less than 1m.

3. The installation height shall not exceed 1m from the cable dragging plane to the drum center.

4. Cable steering is not considered.

5. Operating speed: 10M / min - 60m / min.

6. The maximum acceleration can reach 0.3 M / s.

Vertical cable reels installation:
1. (cable reels)The drum is installed on the top.

2. The cable appears vertically downward.

3. Operating speed: 10M / min - 40m / min.

4. The maximum acceleration can reach 0.3 M / s.

5. The length l0 of free sagging cable is not considered


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