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Selection criteria for cable tray


One. Super resistance to external forces  

Cable tray is greatly affected by external factors such as the environment, so the ability to resist external forces (and cable tray material) is an important standard to measure a cable tray.  

1, rain proof, dust proof, splash proof protection.  

2, high temperature blocking safety device.  Set the cable tray overheat overload protector, and electromagnetic leakage protector, double insurance.  When the cable tray temperature is too high, automatic power off protection cable tray, prevent fire.  Especially in the hot summer, after high temperature, rain "washing", unqualified cable is easy to spontaneous combustion, leakage, which is extremely dangerous.  

Two. "nip in the bud" safety setting high quality products like a good leader, he should not only have the ability to deal with emergencies, but also have the awareness of "nip in the bud".  

Cable tray should be equipped with special fixed line card, locking function, all steel protection sheet and other humanized safety devices, in convenient construction and operation at the same time, will kill the safety risks in the cradle.  

There. Complete type  

Cable tray has a variety of applications, different uses of cable tray on the cable tray indicators are not the same, such as in high temperature places need high insulation, high temperature resistance cable tray;  Low safety factor environment needs explosion-proof cable tray;  Different working situations may also need tripod, car, wheel and other types of cable tray.