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These five points teach you to distinguish the quality of Power Cord Wires!(1)


Power Cord Wires are one of the important products related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. The use of inferior Power Cord Wires can cause fire and electric shock accidents, especially during house decoration. The cables and wires are often buried in sheds, walls, underground and other environments with poor heat dissipation. In China, the potential safety hazard is even greater, and it is directly related to the safety of people’s lives and property. Therefore, it is very important to judge the quality of Power Cord Wires.

Minimal title

All formal enterprises that produce Power Cord Wires that meet national and international standards pay attention to the packaging of their wires and cables. For export cables, the delivery reel generally adopts a large reel or steel reel structure, and is fully enclosed with iron sheet or wooden strips. Pay attention to whether the packaging is firm, whether the printing is clear, whether the model specification, factory name, and factory address are complete.

Power Cord Wires

Appearance Quality

Whether the appearance of Power Cord Wires is smooth and round, and the color is even. Wire and cable companies whose products meet the requirements of national and international standards will strictly control the purchase of raw materials, production equipment, and production processes in order to improve product quality and ensure that Power Cord Wires meet standard requirements. Therefore, the appearance of the produced wire and cable products meets the standard requirements, smooth and round, and uniform in color. And shoddy products are often rough and dull in appearance. For rubber insulated flexible cables, it is required to have a round appearance, tight sheath, insulation, and conductors that are not easy to peel off. The fake and inferior products have rough appearance, large ovality and low insulation strength of the sheath, which can often be torn apart by hand.