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What are the selection criteria for cable reels(1)


Cable reels are widely used in all walks of life, is a basic construction necessities. From the application range, we can preliminarily know that the cable reel is greatly affected by external forces. So no matter construction construction or family application, cable reel or plastic cable reel should follow the standard when buying, in order to make safety guaranteed.

 Cable reels

One of the selection criteria for cable reels,


We mentioned that the cable reel is greatly affected by external factors such as the environment, so the ability to resist external forces and cable tray material is an important standard to measure a cable tray.


1. Rainproof, dustproof and splash proof.


2. High temperature blocking safety device. Take cable retract industry leading wild Wolf cable retract for example, set overheat overload protector and electromagnetic leakage protector for cable retract, double insurance. When the temperature of cable tray is too high, it will automatically cut off power to protect the cable tray and prevent fire. Especially in the hot summer, after the high temperature, rain "washing", unqualified cable extremely easy spontaneous combustion, leakage of electricity, this is extremely dangerous.