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Electric car portable charger without the use of charging pile


Charging is undoubtedly the biggest problem for consumers who buy electric cars.  At present, there are three main ways to charge electric vehicles: the first is to use public charging piles; the second is to install household charging piles in private cars; and the third is to directly use household portable chargers.  


However, at present, when charging with public charging piles, owners have to face the long waiting time for charging and the trouble of finding charging piles.  In addition, some residential properties have very strict requirements for the installation of household charging piles. First, they need to have a fixed parking space with individual property rights. This one alone keeps many people out of the door.  


Therefore, the simplest and most convenient way to charge new energy electric vehicles at home is to use a portable car charging gun.  A portable car charging gun can charge an electric car as long as it is connected to a household 220V 16A three-eye socket.  If you travel long distances, you can charge your electric car just by finding an outlet.